Consulting, Co-Creation and Supervision 

How we learn, communicate and collaborate has changed fundamentally: Work and collaboration take place in multiple hybrid ways - asynchronous in time and space. To create meaning and be effective, all formats - from Workshops and Trainings to Conferences - need to reflect these changes and address them in their design and facilitation. 

I support my clients with co-creation and consulting to create purposeful, energizing and convincing tailor-made formats and spaces that enable new ways of learning, collaboration and innovation. With a clear intention, participative, energising, productive, connecting and result-oriented.

As well, I offer supervision for existing formats to improve Meeting, Workshop, Training or Gathering concepts to become more interactive, user-centred, convincing and motivating.  

Case: Digital Bauhaus Summit

Format: Interactive conference track
Client: Digital Bauhaus Summit
Resources: Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 video

Founded as a new conference format for the creative economy in 2014, the Digital Bauhaus Summit is held in Weimar—birthplace of the Bauhaus movement. Every year, the Bauhaus Summit investigates the meaning of the Bauhaus tradition for the 21st century under a different topic. Designed as a small boutique conference, as an antipole to large-scale conference formats, the Digital Bauhaus Summit is aimed at facilitating a focused exchange between all participants.  Therefore, the conference is always limited to 150 participants (following Robin Dunbar and the perfect group size for intense networking and discourse).  

The two-day conference covers lightning talks, workshops, discussions and interactive activities. The track "Modern Talking" invited three speakers and workshop hosts, and was open to all Digital Bauhaus Summit participants, allowing everyone to bring their ideas, thoughts & questions, as the session was co-run. 

To open up the space and give participants room for several activities, we made use of the beautiful surrounding outdoors in Weimar and hosted the Modern Talking track outside. The track also provided time to elaborate on previous talks and delve deeper into topics for discussions and exchange with speakers and fellow participants. One example was the documentary project “People of the 21st Century” by Stephan Porombka. Besides introducing his ideas in a talk, Stephan Porombka also set up a mobile photo studio during the conference. He took pictures of the participants which he then combined in montages with works by August Sander (taken from “People of the 20th Century”). A gallery of the Digital Bauhaus Summit participants was thus created in real time.

Services: Concept development in Co-creation, Curation, Facilitation & moderation  

I curated and hosted the “Modern Talking” track. Following the Bauhaus tradition, the track was designed to combine a theoratical as well as hands-on practical approach to explore questions about being modern. 

Photos: Thomas Müller

Case: SYNCHRONICITY future symposium

Format: Symposium and Sprint (Content Production Sprint)
Client: glockenweiß, minigram
Resources: Synchronicity Publication as a .pdf (German), Behind the scenes blog post about the live documentation of the workshops (German)

At the future symposium SYNCHRONICITY, 40 participants (with backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, philosophy, design and media) gathered for two days to develop concepts and answers about the design and development of the city of the future.
One goal of the symposium was to prepare and edit the workshop outcomes in such a way that they could be used by other urban initiatives. To do this, the workshop content was documented live and the outcomes were summarized in a publication that was released right at the end of the event.

Six workshops were conducted during the two days, each of which were hosted by an expert for the specific workshop topic (architecture, mobility, sustainability, technology etc.). To document the findings, every workshop was equipped with a Rapporteur who recorded the content and outcomes. This was complemented by photographic documentation as well as a graphic recording to visualize the workshop findings. All artifacts were summarized in a publication that was released as an at the end of the event. 

Services: Concept development in co-creation, Consulting on format, interactive interventions as well as live-documentation of Sprint content 

I consulted and supported the organizers of SYNCHRONICITY to develop a format that was inspiring and motivating for the participants as well as productive and collaborative, to aid the production and documentation of content throughout the symposium. 

Photos: Gregor Fischer


Format:  Lean Innovation Bootcamp as Recrutainment format
Client: Young Targets 
Resources: HackAdemy website (german), Video HackAdemy 2017

The HackAdemy is designed as a Recrutainment format to connect talents with potential employers in a playful and educative way.
At the HackAdemy participants learned how to apply lean innovation methods by working on real digital industry challenges. Over a 2-day period, participants got to know the lean innovation process and gained inspiring insights into different business sectors and leading organizations. To learn about lean innovation, participants were guided by innovation coaches and mentors (digital industry experts) and ran through the iterative innovation processes involved (incl. understanding, ideation, prototyping and testing phases). Participants were able to get to know business representatives from within the industry and gain a deeper insight by discussing real industry challenges instead of merely networking at an anonymous job-fair. At the same time, participants got to know their fellow team-members better as they ran through the lean innovation process together.

Services: Consulting, Concept development in Co-creation, Facilitation & moderation

I developed the Lean Innovation Bootcamp format and acted as consultant to the event organizers. My work included the design and creation the format, including scheduel as well as all content materials (slides, templates etc.). I also moderated the 2-day event with a focus on creating a learning format with space for networking, exchange and fun. 


You want to create a tailor-made format to empower new ways of learning, collaborating or gathering?
Or would like to improve an existing format to become more interactive, user-centred, convincing and motivating? 

Let's talk and figure out, if I can support you with this. 


Other Client Cases

Founding Offsite for denkstatt, insitu, unterdessen and zirkular
Services: Co-creation and facilitation of a Founding Offsite & team retreat for the merger of four companies into a cooperative, which makes the new beginning tangible and creates motivation and energy for the shared journey

Redesign of the member conference for the East German Chamber of Psychotherapists (OPK)
Services: Consultation and co-creation in the redesign of member conferences of as participatory, user-centred and practice-oriented event

Science Hack Day for re:publica 
Services: Concept development, Facilitation & moderation
Resources: Video documentation of the Science Hack Day (German), pictures, The Science Hack Day format was established in 2010 by Ariel Waldman

Let's do a Workshop empowers to design and facilitate impactful, energizing and productive Meetings and Workshops. 

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