Let's do a Workshop is run by Claudia Brückner. 

Claudia creates and facilitates purposeful formats and learning experiences - from intimate gatherings, productive Workshops and interactive Trainings to large-scale conferences. 

Always with one central goal in mind: impactful gatherings and collaboration where people feel alive and invited to contribution in a unique and meaningful way. 


Experience & Expertise:

Claudia has perennial experience in creating and facilitating participatory (large-group) Workshops and Trainings for small to big size organizations (many years of Service Design and Design Thinking Trainings for company-wide development programs).

As well, Claudia gained extensive expertise in Consulting and Organizational Development (Design and facilitation of a one-year agile transformation process, Development and facilitation of a co-creative space process for a new company office).


Photo: Daniela Haug

Latest Client Trainings

Training: Effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for ecoligio
Services: Training concept and moderation 

Training: Remote Facilitation for Roche Pharma
Services: Training concept and moderation 

The Loop Approach Trainings for TheDive
Services: Training concept adaptation and moderation 

Service Design and Design Thinking trainings for company-wide development programmes together with WorkPlayExperience
Services: Training Facilitation 

Let's do a Workshop empowers to design and facilitate impactful, energizing and productive Meetings and Workshops. 

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