Let’s do a Workshop Trainings offer two paths for you to pick from: 

Training for Teams

Exclusive Training for one Team to create and implement effective and energizing Meetings. As a Team you will tackle your Meeting challenges and pain points to build tailor-made Meeting formats and Meeting Roles specifically for your Team.

This is for you when:

  • all your Team Members should be able to prepare and moderate Meetings
  • you want to improve the overall Team work and collaboration of the whole Team
  • distributing responsibilities within the Team is an important goal

Training for Individuals

Open Training for max. 10 participants to learn how to design and guide effective and energizing Meetings or Workshops for their Teams or clients.

This is for you when:

  • you want to be the person within your Team who is able and responsible to prepare and moderate Meetings
  • you don’t have a fixed Team, but you want to be able to design and facilitate energizing and effective Meetings with or for your clients
  • you want to offer Workshops to share your knowledge, skills or experience with an audience

Let's do a Workshop empowers to design and facilitate impactful, energizing and productive Meetings and Workshops. 

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